Active Schools Landscape Project

REALMstudios are industry collaborators in a Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research (CSRR) initiative aiming to challenge and inform the design of external school environments. CSRR invited REALMstudios together with other industry representatives in design, government and academia to join them in a research enquiry which looks to maximise the benefit to children, the environment and the wider community through design excellence in external school spaces.

The significance of this project is broad reaching, with potential influence in the realms of: learning and teaching; education facility design; children’s physical activity and physical literacy; spatial literacy; society’s relationships to the natural environment; sustainability outcomes; sense of place; and economic growth and urban development.

The first phase of research is to conduct a series of case studies of local, national and international school environments. These case studies will allow us to identify exemplary examples (local and international); compare local outcomes to best practice / international examples; identify contextual constraints and facilitators; and build database of best practice for designers. This approach will best enable this project to inform decision making in policy and practice.





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