Out of a commitment to deliver quality outcomes to new communities REALMstudios has collaborated with Wes Fleming of Flemings Nursery to deliver what we describe as ‘the new Treasury Gardens of Melbourne’ to the new community of Bridgewater, near Rockbank Station and about 30km west of Melbourne.

The concept developed out of an investigation of title boundaries, natural systems and cultural interventions (harness racing tracks) apparent in the broader landscape of the Rockbank area. Through mapping, and then interpretive response, outputs provided the basis for spatial organisation and treatments in the parks. This same line of thinking then informed a ‘kit of parts and materials’ approach which has been applied across the site to create a sense of unity and legibility for the development. Further, the street hierarchy has been reinforced with appropriate scale trees relating to street widths and traffic flows and designated according to discrete precincts and orientation.

Collectively the streets and parks provide a refreshing green armature of shaded alleys and urban forests that spatially and environmentally provide places of delight.












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