Buckhurst Street

The Landscape Master Plan has been prepared in response to the client’s (BoTree’s) requirement to consider the multiple factors that might impact both the public realm and the private landscape of the Buckhurst St development and then to reconcile what are sometimes competing factors to create a unique and site specific landscape outcome. Out of necessity this has provoked a broad contextual assessment of the site, its adjacencies and its environs in order to understand its origins and histories as well as its aspirations in planning terms.

When we understand the site’s histories, as once an estuarine environment prone to periodic inundation, this helps us in turn to understand what is now an issue of flooding, and then to recast this in design terms to harness the value of this phenomena and through design to deal with this in a contributory and integrated way.

When we understand the issues of urban heat and coolth in our broader urban construct, and the requirement to create places of respite and relief for purposes of health and well being, it leads us to consider the creation of places that could be described as ‘oasis’ in the city, where we are renaturing a denatured place.

When we understand the issues around decreasing privacy, personal and family space, in an increasingly dense urban construct, it requires a new framework of thinking to deal with on and off-site viewing, overviewing and privacy.

When we understand water and the critical part that it plays in life and health, this leads to a reconsideration of site and its context, and the interrelationship that exists between these 2 realms, being public and private.

So in its consideration and interrogation the Landscape Master Plan unapologetically goes beyond the limits of the site to draw together a series of design opportunities, some of which rest squarely within the remit of the current planning application and others that go beyond the scope of the immediate site. With the support of BoTree it raises questions around integrated responses and opportunities that rest outside of a conventional landscape plan and how we can best contribute to the new urban environment of Fishermans Bend.

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