Dingjing River Park

The Dingjing River Park is located in the heart of the Kunshan, surrounded by both residential and industrial buildings. Presently the Dingjing River sits as an unloved, trash filled canal that provides minimal contributions to the community outside of basic flood mitigation. The transformation of Dingjing River into an ecological park provides the opportunity for this space to become an important community place that delivers a multitude of ecological and community benefits to the surrounding area.

Establishing the ecological and community value of Dingjing River Park will be driven by a ‘toolkit’ of materials that responds to the transitioning industrial nature of the surrounding area. The use of repurposed industrial materials allows for a large degree of flexibility within the design that can respond to the variety of constraints and opportunities across the length of the site.

We envisage Dingjing River becoming a vital community asset that nearby businesses, schools and community member’s value through their ability to find a place of respite that showcases the ecologically sensitive response for greater Kunshan.



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