Duke Avenue: Blue Green Spine

Working with the Incubator Group as part of the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, Duke Avenue stretches for 1.6 kilometres through an as yet underdeveloped part of Kunshan, China. The road currently has a canal as its median; a wasted resource of unrealised potential, uncapitalised on and uncelebrated. Realm’s proposal for this area will be to focus on activating the waterway, provision of grade separated access, increased ecological value and improved liveability values by introducing a series of bicycle and pedestrian networks along and across the site, ecological landscapes as terrestrial and aquatic systems, water purification wetland, all brought together by a series of hexagonal rings which run the length of the median strip. This structure will be programmed to compliment existing and future development in the area, creating multi-functional spaces, bio-diverse habitats, and easy movement for pedestrians and cyclists.






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