Kunshan Slow Movement Strategy

The ‘Slow Movement Network’ for Kunshan endeavours to accomplish three main objectives:

  1. Provide a user-friendly slow movement network for cyclists, pedestrians and other non-vehicular users
  2. Consider amenities and programs along the network which caters to the varying needs of varying user groups
  3. Consider eco-systems services as a mutually inclusive enhanceable amenity to be incorporated into implemented infrastructure

The slow movement network strives to present a holistically approached and integrated system able to adapt with the changing times and offer a wide variety of direct and indirect services to the people of Kunshan, providing not only a new transport network, but also create the high-quality public space Kunshan can greatly benefit from. The system will aim to satisfy user needs ranging from connectivity to entertainment to health improvement as well as ecologically restore and integrate any existing pockets of greenery within Kunshan by integrating amenities already on the ground, capitalising on these facilities, and in so doing, create memorable and valuable experiences for the public.






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