Kunshan Wusongjiang Wetland Park

This river side site is unique in many aspects and subsequently offers an array of opportunities with which to engage on an environmental, social, economic and place-making level. The over-arching vision for this site is to bring people back to the water and back to a traditional way of engaging with this precious resource and the way of life it is able to enable by ameliorating existing environmental conditions on site.

Dealing with multiple water pollution sources is a priority for this scheme. The design will address the following in an integrated and aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional manner:

Five major pollution impacting Wusongjiang

  • Discharge from Wastewater treatment plant
  • Biosolids/waste sludge from wastewater treatment plant
  • Runoff from agricultural activities
  • Soil contamination from industrial activities
  • Hydrocarbon discharge from river barges

Programmatically the site will introduce a water amelioration wetland which will, in part, help remediate river water coming off the Wusong adjacent to the site. This wetland will not only provide an ecosystem service but will also provide the public with a beautiful and educational space in which to entertain themselves both passively and actively.






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