Lochaven Ideas Study

REALMstudios were invited to revisit a 66 Ha residential development by a Dacland who recognised the need for another view and the opportunity to bring innovation through fresh ideas and an overarching site narrative, Our collective intent was to create and achieve a readable and identifiable character and a measurable liveability response across the development parcel.

Through interrogating the site’s contextual histories and then collapsing together; the site’s program, the preferred functional relationships and a developing narrative, a new site structure emerged around the abstracted pattern of the MacNab tartan – the family tartan of the original land owner. The orthogonal and diagonal patternation of the MacNab tartan helped inform both the larger-scale urban design strategy and the structuring of the public realm. Central to the ordering of the site design is the activated and permeable town centre, combined town park and urban square, connected Neighbourhood Centre, retirement village, school and the greater residential neighbourhoods, providing for and encouraging walking and easy access to the green lungs of the development.
REALMstudios has been engaged to progress the development of the design into a concept master plan.













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