Murdoch University Bush Court West – Student Hub

The Murdoch Bush Court West (Student Hub) project will deliver a new dynamic and flexible series of spaces at the centre of Murdoch University’s South Street campus. An innovative space where students, staff and the public can socialise, eat, study and gain access to important services. The project represents the largest investment by Murdoch University made in its 40 year history.

REALMstudios have looked to what makes Murdoch unique in developing a narrative which informs the landscape design. The conceptual approach involved fusing the need for activation to address historically poor levels of amenity with a deep respect for the architectural and landscape heritage. Both were addressed with technical appreciation for pragmatic requirements of the brief.

A winter and summer garden, informal open-air theatre, terraced  seating, learning pods, fire pit and Aboriginal story-telling are just some of the features. Construction is now complete along with the Hames Sharley architectural works and opened at the beginning of 2018.








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