ZCZ Road

The naming of this road is significant to Kunshan in that it captures the cultural and intellectual icon Zu Chongzhi who was responsible for a number of significant discoveries such as; bringing π (pi) to the seventh decimal place; developing the Daming Calendar; redesigning the water clock, and more.

The concept for the Zu Chongzhi streetscape has built on these discoveries and converted a streetscape into a Zu Chongzhi linear park where PI has been used as a spatial ratio and the circle has taken precedence in the design. Circles are used as places for sculpture, people and play, using Pi as a ratio for the changing size of the circle and its function. Connecting paths are equally guided by Pi whereby widths of paths, plazas and patternes are determined by a multiplication of that ratio.

The entry gateway to the road and the precinct provides the platform for both a supersized water hammer, another Zu Chongzhi invention, combined with a legible form of water cleansing and ecological services all capitalising on the form of the circle.





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