Jon Shinkfield

Founding Director, REALMstudios, Melbourne

  • Master of Urban Design, Sydney University
  • Bachelor Landscape Architecture, University of Canberra
  • AILA State President, Victoria
  • Senior Research Fellow, Monash University

Jon sees projects through a landscape architectural and urban design lens, viewing them as city making opportunities and framed by his deep interest in the relationship between landscape systems, people and place. His work has been recognised through various awards, competition wins and publications, including significant master planning; E-Gate in Melbourne, Masdar Carbon Neutral City in Abu Dhabi and Seoul Grand Park in Korea.

Up until 2006 Jon was a founding partner of leading Sydney based design practice Pittendrigh Shinkfield Bruce; then through acquisition of PSB Jon was a Principal at EDAW responsible for Global Design Direction, and then through further acquisition the Director of Design and Planning AECOM Melbourne, from 2009 to 2012.

In 2013 he formed the practice of REALMstudios and in parallel works with Monash University’s Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities exploring the application of water based research through design. Through his work Jon maintains a passion for indigenous and landscape systems in design.



Damien Pericles

Founding Director, REALMstudios, Perth

  • Master of Landscape Architecture, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH), Zurich
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Western Australia
  • Bachelor Arts, Graphic Design, Curtin University
  • Member, City of Vincent Design Advisory Committee

Damien is an accomplished designer, project manager and team leader with over 20 years professional experience in design and 15 in landscape architecture. He has worked on a full spectrum of project types, sizes and phases including numerous competitions in Australia, Europe and Asia. In previous employment he has worked in Sydney, Perth and Germany.

Whilst in Europe he collaborated with leading Landscape Architectural and Architectural practices on medium to large scale landscape and urban design works in Europe and China. Previously Damien was a Principal with AECOM, Perth. Damien has managed and led the design and delivery of a number of significant projects in terms of complexity and profile, including Centennial Park in Albany, the Kings Square project (Perth City Link) and Workzone in Perth, Bonnyrigg Suburban Renewal and Macquarie Bank HQ in Sydney and Googong New Town near Canberra. He was also integral in delivering the Curtin City Master Plan and Alkimos Beach for Lend Lease/Landcorp.

These projects reveal Damien’s capability and leadership in large-scale strategic public domain planning projects as well as detailed construction design delivery.


Tam - Head

Tamara Obradovic

Senior Landscape Architect / Urban Designer, REALMstudios, Sydney


  • Masters of Advanced Architecture, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC), Barcelona, Spain
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, First Class Honors, University of New South Wales, Kensington, Sydney


Tamara is an experienced designer with over 10 years professional experience in the field of Landscape Architecture. Tamara’s interests lie in the creation of new hybrid space typologies that explore ways for buildings, nature and the spaces between to work together and for those spaces to act as a catalyst for social and environmental change. This in turn has led to a keen interest in blurring the boundaries between the built and natural environment and her completion of a Masters of Architecture in Barcelona.

Tamara has applied her skills to both private and government sectors, understanding projects in a place, political and socio-economic context. Significantly this has included the delivery of a large Urban Waterfront at Collyer Quay, Singapore, Noumea 2030 Urban Waterfront  Public Domain Masterplan and the design and construction project management of a new pedestrian footbridge and mall adjacent to Hornsby’s major Public Transport Interchange

Recently Tamara has developed a series of Strategic Masterplans, Public Domain Guidelines and Urban Design Studies for the Hornsby Shire in response to Hornsby’s centres experiencing rapid growth and as part of State Government’s Urban Activation Precincts Program. Tamara’s experience attests to her skills in the area of multi-disciplinary collaboration and design as well as a detailed design/delivery capability in both large and small scale strategic and public domain projects.

Sam Fitzpatrick

Senior Landscape Architect & Urban Designer, REALMstudios, Perth


  • Graduate Certificate Development Planning, Curtin University, 2016
  • Masters of Urban Design, University of Western Australia & Curtin University, 2010
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Western Australia, 2005


Sam’s career bridges urban design and landsape architecture. He is accomplished in the design and implementation from conceptualization-through to design development, 3d modelling, details, documentation and contract administration of urban and landscape projects.

As a Landscape Architect in Western Australia for over 10 years he has designed and managed construction of large infrastructural projects including; Albany Waterfront, Northlink (Stage-1 Tonkin Hwy grade separation) to small scale play-based parks (Helena Valley, Harry McGuigan Park), several department of education school projects; Yanchep, Carine, Margaret River Secondary School and more recently the Inner City College in Subiaco.

As an urban designer Sam has been involved in regional and local urban planning strategies for Dampier Town Master Plan, Liaoyang Urban Regeneration Master Plan (China), Osborne Park Hospital, Innaloo Structure Plan, Bentley Tech Park, Housing for Dept. of Communities in the Pilbara, Carnarvon Sustainable Housing and City of Perth ‘What If?’ project. He has also designed and documented a number of Residential apartment sites including 60 Flourish Apartments.


Ross Privitelli

Senior Designer, REALMstudios, Melbourne

  • Master of Industrial Design, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons), RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Registered Landscape Architect, AILA

Ross brings experience from elite design studios and has collaborated with some of the world’s best built environment designers. Synergistic skills allow him to fluidly combine relevant possibilities into a cohesive and well considered design outcome. This drives him to search for design solutions that make a meaningful contribution to the ways we live our lives as a community. In 2012, he completed a post graduate degree in Industrial Design. During his studies he explored sustainable design philosophy and its place in today’s design environment.

Previously, he worked as a Landscape Architect for over two decades. In professional practice he developed an intuitive understanding of the client and designer relationship and honed his ability to help teams realise their potential to successfully deliver small to large scale projects. As a senior designer and mentor, he has demonstrated his depth and flexibility in leveraging his international experience to win both local and overseas design projects.

His interests include design mentoring, exploring sustainable cutting-edge materials and manufacturing processes, design which references the natural environment to be in harmony with eco systems, extreme human habitats and closed system designs that are self-sustaining. His underpinning ethos is to contribute to design which improves people’s lives responsibly and meaningfully.


Brett - Head

Brett Schreurs

Senior Landscape Architect, REALMstudios, Perth


  • Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture, UWA


Brett possesses very strong design and graphic communication skills, creating computer generated renderings of presentation drawings that are evocative of the design intent, legible and informative, ensuring the clear communication of ideas between the project team, clients and other stakeholders. He endeavours to produce design documents to fully explain design solutions for complex projects.

Brett also supports and assists the other Landscape Architects in the office with site evaluations, preparation of cost estimates, design and product research concept design, detailed design and documentation. Brett has a strong work ethic and is actively building his skills base.

Brett is a conceptual thinker and versatile designer with a well considered design sensibility grounded in the pragmatism of urban environments, but motivated by the poetics of place.


Tom - Head

Tom Inwood

Landscape Architect, REALMstudios, Melbourne


  • Master of Landscape Architecture, VUW
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies in Landscape Architecture, VUW

Tom is a graduate landscape architect who has been a part of the REALMstudios team since graduating with his Master in Landscape Architecture degree from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. With the aspiration to learn and grow as a young landscape architect, Tom made the move to Melbourne to expand his knowledge, skills and design thinking.

Tom has been immersed in a range of projects at REALMstudios, the various scales, typologies and complexity of these projects have propelled his professional development. This has established a drive to create thought-provoking design solutions, from the urban scale through to a person’s experience of space that aim to understand the environmental conditions, cultural context and ecological impact.

Tom was directly involved in the Rye Movement & Place Streetscape Master Plan where he liaised with the client and various consultants and sat in discussion with council members and stakeholders throughout the design process for this contentious precinct. In other work Tom has progressed from concept through to developed design for Lochaven residential development and is currently working through the documentation phase for this project.  He has recently been involved in the concept design and graphic representation for Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre and will continue to be involved throughout the design development and documentation phases.

Tom has a strong graphic skill set and developing technical capability that extends across a range of programs and outputs.


Ryan Cripps

Graduate Landscape Architect, REALMstudios, Perth


  • MLArch, University of Western Australia
  • PhD. Horticulture, University of Natal
  • BSc. Agric. (Horticulture and Botany) cum laude, University of Natal

Ryan completed his Masters of Landscape Architecture at University of Western Australia.

Ryan comes from a horticultural background, having worked in plant propagation, plant conservation and research, site rehabilitation, soft landscaping, and garden maintenance and design. He has worked extensively in the plant retail industry selecting and advising on plant choice, cultivation and care. Ryan worked for a number of years researching ex situ conservation of rare and endangered plants at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  Through his work he has developed an appreciation of the value of plants in the landscape – aesthetically, functionally and ecologically.

Ryan has always been interested in the external environment – its composition, integration, function, ecology, utilisation and form. He believes landscape architecture offers a mechanism to create an environment that is not only beautiful, functional, and environmentally sound, but also valuable to both the community and individual’s well-being.


Bryn - Head

Bryn Jones

Landscape Architect, REALMstudios, Melbourne

  • Master of Landscape Architecture, UoM, Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons), ANU, Canberra

Bryn finished his Masters of Landscape Architecture at University of Melbourne after completing an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts; Sculpture with honors at the Australian National University (ANU).

Bryn’s appreciation of landscape architecture grew out of an affinity with sculpture and its connection with landscape. During his studies in landscape architecture this developed into a deeper understanding of form and function within the landscape. He believes both are tied into social and ecological sustainability and are critical to success in Landscape Architectural practice.

His main focus as a landscape architect is to encourage community engagement with the natural landscape, focusing on both socially and environmentally sustainable design.

Bryn’s experience as a sculptor has informed his practice in landscape architecture. It has given him a strong spatial awareness, an understanding of the relationship between form and function and the capacity to work both conceptually and physically. He is concerned with public spaces, especially neglected urban areas in need of repair as well as creating experiential spaces for play, which engage and challenge, both children and adults, socially, physically and environmentally.


Ruby Gulland

Landscape Architect, REALMstudios, Perth

  • Master of Landscape Architecture, Deakin University
  • Bachelor of Design (Architecture Major, Integrated Design Minor)

Ruby is a landscape architect who has been working with REALMstudios since completing her Master in Landscape Architecture from Deakin University.

Ruby has recently completed her studies with a keen sense of design. She excels in graphics and a sound knowledge of drafting including 3D rendering. Having completed her degree in one of the premiere Landscape architecture courses at Deakin she has a unique perspective and depth of knowledge across different environments.

Ruby is inspired by the design of vibrant public realms, and has an interest in urbanism within the context of growing cities and the greater connection to their surroundings.


Allison Handan Chen

Graduate Landscape Architect, REALMstudios, Melbourne

  • Master of Iandscape Architecture, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Communication (Major in Marketing and Adversiting)

Allison finished her Master of Landscape Architecture at University of Melbourne.

Allison comes from a media background, and she has been influenced by her bachelor study in Communication which provided her with a unique aspect to Landscape Architecture and design.

Drawing on her passion of cultural landscape, has done several internships overseas including Europe and Africa. Globe experience has provided her with a sharp sense about cultural contexts and equipped her with abilities to work in multicultural environments. Her experience as a journalist gives her solid foundation working in bilingual contents.

She is passionate about ecology and environmental conservation research. She has been participated in Australian national and international landscape competitions during academic study, include This Public Space (Melbourne 2015) and Density Competition (2016).


Josh Nielsen

Landscape Architect, REALMstudios, Melbourne


  • Master of Integrated Water Management, UQ
  • Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture, QUT


Josh is a graduate landscape architect who has recently joined REALMstudios. He is also currenlty studying a PhD that is focused on the role of the built environment in transitioning societies to more sustainable ways of living at the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities at Monash University.

With a Landscape Architecture degree from Queensland University of Technology he has worked on a number of projects in Queensland during and after his studies. Through this experience, Josh was immersed in a range of projects across various scales, typologies and complexity. However, with an aspiration to enhance his knowledge and understanding of how urban water influences our built environment he went back to univeristy to complete a Masters of Integrated Water Management. This led him to his current PhD which he hopes will inform sustainable urban design and practices in the future.

His passion lies with the integration of the built environment with natural systems to create outcomes that are liveable, vibrant experiences, bedded within an understanding of the broader ebbs and flows of larger scale systems.

After coming on board at REALMstudios, Josh has drawn on his understanding of urban water management to provide valuable input into several projects. He is currently involved in documenting HQ Moorabbin Office Park. A project that is driven by the history of the site and the integration of on-site water management opportunities.