REALMstudios is an urban design and landscape architectural practice with studios in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We work with both public and private sector clients across Australia, and around the world, to make our cities better places to live.

Whatever your project, our award-winning team will bring decades of experience in urban design, landscape architecture and graphic design to it.

It’s a combination of disciplines that means we think about how places and spaces work for people, and how they make them feel. And we closely consider the natural, built and cultural context of each project.


Our founding directors — Jon Shinkfield and Damien Pericles — have collaborated at some of the nation’s top design firms for more than 15 years. They take a very hands-on and collaborative approach, ensuring every project benefits from their depth of experience.

The two REALMstudios directors head up our practice across three studios — in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth — which means we can tap into both local and national networks to deliver a seamless and cost-effective service to our clients.


Jon was previously a part-time Research Fellow at the Cooperative Research Centre at Monash University and we collaborate with design and technical research organisations to bring innovative theoretical approaches to our real-life projects.

– We are committed to critical and creative thinking.

– We’re committed to delivering quality clear and legible outcomes for every project, based on deep research and an understanding of context.

– We’re committed to making cities and spaces where people want to live, work and play.


More than ever before people are living in cities
Half the world’s population now live in cities.

The demands on city liveability are increasing and only now being more fully understood, particularly in the context of climate change impacts i.e. increased urban warming, water shortage, food supply vulnerability, decreasing availability of resources and the high price of fossil fuels.

The form and footprint of cities varies dramatically based on topographic, cultural and economic conditions, but increasingly the rapid rate of urbanization and growth of the city is calling for a hybrid design approach…..a new approach to city-making.

The variance in our cities highlights that there isn’t one way to view a city problem or one way to fix it, however, consumption and production are increasingly linked to our survival and central to our urban futures regardless of the culture, geography or economic environment: water, energy, food source, spatial allocation, materiality, waste management and liveability are all core considerations in any urban condition, even in a remote desert indigenous environment.

City-making is a contemporary pursuit for an increasingly urbanized society and sits outside of the traditional fields of architecture, engineering, and landscape architecture. It joins those fields as part of its endeavor, including the physical and social sciences and economics. Of necessity it is multidisciplinary and applies to the smallest or the largest urban consideration.

REALMstudios seeks to occupy that space.

realms diagram


All projects and clients are unique. Each take a different path to achieving project objectives. Flexibility is required across a project life-cycle: