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Excellence Award in Infrastructure
AILA Vic Landscape Architecture Awards 2021

arnolds creek 

REALMstudios were engaged with Alluvium to identify opportunities within the seven sites across Victoria that embody the potential for improved liveability through the transformation of concrete/earthen channelised waterways. Arnolds Creek is one that is an expansive linear open space that has an opportunity to provide a connective piece of green space between schools, parklands, housing and various amenities. 

The open space currently lacks an identity with little activity occurring within, it is essentially a blank canvas going forward. The community use this space as a thoroughfare by using the concrete channel as the primary pathway through the site. It currently connects well to the immediate community and provide pedestrian access from multiple points along its edges.

The primary vision for the future of this site is to become an activated node that connects the various schools, amenities, and attracts people into the space. Through the removal of the concrete channel, an urban forest will be created with an increased wet habitat areas and in-stream features that will soften and provide for a more appealing environment for the local people, flora and fauna. The opportunity to turn and face the waterway through urban redevelopment housing may be an option in the future. 

09-Arnolds Creek-Rory Gardiner-reconnect




Melton, VIC


Melbourne Water






Rory Gardiner

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