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bioretention system 

Bioretention systems (BRS), also known as biofilters, biofiltration systems and raingardens are one component of a range of accepted Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) elements endorsed by Melbourne Water. They are a low energy treatment technology with the potential to provide both water quality and minor quantity benefits. They are generally quite small, typically only 2% of the impervious urban catchment area and are best suited as at-source treatments.  Bioretention systems proposed in Melbourne Water Development Services Schemes (MWDSS) must meet a number of deemed-to-comply criteria where no Council specific criteria exist

REALMstudios was engaged to work on the BRS graphics for the MWDSS and produce graphics to accompany technical text. The images needed to be clear, graphically engaging and technical enough for users of the manual to be able to interpret and understand not only the basic gist of the various bio-retention systems and their respective components illustrated in the document, but also technical enough for users to comprehend how things come together in practice on the ground. The graphics endeavor to demonstrate context specific scenarios in a visually appealing manner.

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