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bob hawke college 

The Bob Hawke College, built on Kitchener Park in the heart of Subiaco, was formerly opened on Sunday 2nd February. Its inaugural Year 7 students are now attendance and the College will eventually support 2000 students. REALMstudios as the project landscape architects established a strong legible vision for a vibrant, didactic, inclusive and memorable landscape. 


The design centres on a fusion of Greek and Roman classical amphitheatre typologies. They combine to provide an embracing oval shaped courtyard (referencing Roman amphitheatres) whilst nestling into the site it also provides a strong visual connection to the adjacent park (referencing the character of Greek theatres which ‘borrowed landscape’ beyond the proscenium).

The lowest terrace in the amphitheatre is turfed to provide a soft area for activities, play and events with its oval modelled to negotiate an important public interface and entry along Coghlan Road. The result is a dynamic and activated edge condition that engages with the local community whilst maintaining security.


The enveloping sunken garden features integrated seating, raised planters, decking and ramps to facilitate cross site links. Seating niches for small groups are integrated into the design, balancing the large scale, and making provision for social, teaching, and learning spaces.

‘Subiaco’ red brick walling forms a plinth and edge condition wrapping into the site to connect the landscape with local heritage values. Tree canopy frames and provides shade to the amphitheater which over time will establish a cool and connected tree canopy.

Past site uses (lawn bowls) have been playfully and surreally represented in the courtyard arbours where the parabola trajectory of a lawn bowls ball is superimposed with artificial turf fixed upside-down to the awning soffit.

Working with T&Z and Bateman Architects, the college landscape design establishes exceptional teacher and student amenity and at the same time delivers a hub for the local community.


The design features:

  • Central Amphitheatre for events, informal play and gathering;

  • Courtyard with informal hard courts, two shade structures and social spaces;

  • Cafeteria undercroft;

  • Entry & welcoming landscapes;

  • Sports hard courts;

  • Buffer landscapes and carparking areas.

Much of the landscape is delivered on-structure, meaning resolution of numerous technical issues from, root zone management and water proofing to drainage and construction methodologies was required.

The process of design development involved inputs and review from the Department of Education, Building Management and Works, City of Subiaco and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA).

Inner City College Plan 150_R.jpg


Whadjuk Noongar


Perth, Australia






Dept. of Education / Building Management & Works


Bateman and TnZ Architects


Ed Janes

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