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clocktower centre forecourt 

The Clocktower Centre is a performing arts venue for Moonee Valley City Council that has experienced significant evolution of form and function over time. The concept design aims to revive the significance of the building’s forecourt as a performance space and community oasis offering relief from the commercial activity of Moonee Ponds civic triangle. In doing so it creates an integrative tapestry of experience, aesthetics and urban systems that reflect the history and vision of the precinct. It is through the prism of ‘TIME’ that the concept has formed.


The design brings together an understanding of western and Aboriginal time orientation using both natural and architectural indicators of time to demonstrate seasonal and diurnal change. It connects people with nature and the change in seasons across an urban setting. Seasonal plantings are supported by water capture from the Clocktower Centre roof which is fed into a rain garden, a soak garden and passive irrigation systems. The multiple values of this system include, improved water quality, urban cooling, passive irrigation, surface water management and drama to the site after a rain event. Lighting builds on the diurnal qualities of space.


In this micro-precinct REALMstudios  has successfully delivered a design that adapts the performative qualities of natural systems into a small heavily urbanised space. A cohesive relationship between the architectural forms and programs and landscape create a highly activated space for story telling and performance, refreshment and evening gatherings, and as a warm sunny spot in winter or cool green summer oasis for workers, commuters and visitors to enjoy throughout the day.




Moonee Valley, Victoria




Moonee Valley City Council

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