cocoroc western treatment plant 

By understanding the scaled grid of the broader Western Treatment Plant site at Werribee, and then adopting and applying this to the new Cocoroc Administration and Educational precinct site as a 40m x 40m grid unit, the site master plan became a series of use compartments that could be adapted and developed to suit the various functional, cultural, operational and educational demands of Melbourne Water.


The grid provided for lines of access, water movement, and a structure to readily accommodate new operational facilities, separate operational staff areas, movement and access,  and spatial needs. In its fullest state the development makes full provision for Melbourne Water’s core requirements to provide for bi-annual contemporary art collaboration between Melbourne Water, Deakin University and Wyndham City Council, permanent art installations, and a filming location for television shows and movies.

171214 Master Plan.jpg


Western Melbourne, Australia




Under construction


Melbourne Water


JMA Architecture, Alluvium Consulting, Northrop Engineering

Design Team

Jon Shinkfield, Tom Inwood, Bryn Jones