REALMstudios operates through a design lens

REALMstudios are master planners, urban designers and landscape architects with studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

We operate through a design lens; from the strategic and advisory through to detailed documentation for external works.

At a project level our focus is on the multidisciplinary field of “City Making & Liveability” where we are guided by our core values that entwine Urban Ecology with Community and Place making better places to live in, into the future.

At a practice level we value equality, collaboration, participation, diligence and leadership. Weekly cross-studio project reviews with input from all staff define our practice culture and enhance project outcomes.

readings, research and design

We deliver this through a framework based on; Readings, Research and Design, where projects involve explorative readings of place, infusing research from a broader platform of knowledge (including indigenous), then synthesis through the creative act of design.

Our projects in turn reflect our sets of skills, focus, framework and values and our clients appreciate the creative process and outcomes generated.

We are clear about our focus, values, framework and process:


Readings: In opposition to the cleansing narrative of ‘tabula rasa’ our approach instead begins with quizzical interrogation. We develop comprehensive readings of place; histories & heritage, people, environmental factors, accessibilities, contextual influences and futures. Through our sense of enquiry we ‘read’ place and establish a platform for response.


Research: Our intent is to express research through our projects - to express meaning - as a narrative and curatorial process. We achieve this through our research agenda that includes practice and project-based memberships and collaboration with critical thinkers and practitioners including ecologists, hydrologists, urban specialists, architects and engineers. Each has their part to play in developing an integrated and compelling design response. Our expertise allows us to direct the dynamic composition that is envisioned.


Design: We generate fresh ideas that celebrate heritage, define potential and predict future conditions.

Never dogmatic, it is our character to provide inspired and clear direction to ambitious design briefs, regardless of scale, using contemporary and accessible digital technologies to express intent with clarity.

city making + liveability

We know that more than half of the world’s populations now live in cities. With this shift into urbanisation, new and unprecedented place-based design opportunities emerge - with the potential to reshape the way that communities travel, work and live and the way that resources are consumed and managed. In the absence of a systems based design response our cities and urban places become increasingly and unsustainably separated from the natural and built systems that support and maintain life.


Living together in ever-closer proximity and in increasingly urbanised contexts drives the need for sustainable and responsive communities and a reduced footprint that yields more at every level. These cities, these communities, require careful planning and design if they are to thrive as places of wellbeing.


Our cities and corresponding landscapes raise questions about: transport and connectivity, as well as access to services and open space; the natural environment and sustainability, both within and outside of the city; resource and waste use, recovery and reuse; community, its history and cultural identity. These have become the primary drivers of our consideration, our innovation and the principles of our design.

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