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VM kew 

The origins of the landscape and site are derived from; wurundjeri stories (a place of white trunked trees and shade), the place of Kew (its formality of hedging yet with its distinct wet/shade loving plants), and the richness of the natural landscape systems of Yarra Bend (the origins of Kew and and the rich birdlife that comes with it).

Together these form the basis for the site structuring and the landscape materiality. They come together as a dance between the formal and the informal, the classical and the contemporary, the structured and the loose, where these clear juxtapositions are expressed in both the hard materials of the structural landscape and then in the plantings of the various landscape types.


Key to the landscape’s success is a clear understanding of light and shade, water and dryness, and the design vision of the landscape’s intent, and to assist our team with
delivering on this complex and necessary hybridity REALMstudios have worked with Eckersley Garden Architecture to deliver in developing a noteworthy landscape of enduring quality, deeply anchored in the qualities of site and the needs of the incoming community.

Additionally we know that there are significant ecological and water overlays that are required as part of a successful landscape outcomes and to this end we work closely with E2DesignLab as part of our team to deal with the science and technology of water and ecology in a creative and artful way.

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