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dandenong mixed use precinct 

Dandenong Mixed Use Precinct is the result of a collaboration between

REALMstudios and DKO, proposing the delivery of what is a small to big spatial, economic, social amenity and biodiversity strategy that starts from the global to a local positioning. The precinct is first understood as a connected community place, locally and at neighbourhood and regional scales through; Country, ecologies and biodiversity, water, access and movement, spatiality and experience.


The public realm begins as a framework within which the architecture resides, integrated and transitional where the public realm enters and infuses with the architecture to establish a new common and activated groundscape. At the outset the site is conceived as evolutionary, where the planting of trees and the arrival of ‘temporary’ architecture in turn becomes the fabric and frame for architectural response, to be integrated into more permanent and substantial built form.


This is the exciting beginning of an economic and socially rich journey for the evolution of anew and culturally diverse community - Dandenong, with a new day and night heartbeat and community activated core.

200221 Revitalising Central Dandenong Su


Bunurong & Boon Wurrung


Dandenong, Melbourne


2019 - 20


Capital Finance

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