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east victoria park 

A streetscape design was initially established to meet various technical and environmental requirements including:

  • Rubbish bin pickup & servicing;

  • Vehicle turning movement and access;

  • Existing tree retention;

  • WSUD including passive irrigation to provide multiple liveability and ecological outcomes and

  • Maximising new street tree planting opportunities.


With these requirements in place, a more creative re-consideration of the streetscape then explored incorporation of the following:

  • Creating a sense of place, identity and distinct character in keeping with the high quality architectural design;

  • Exploring a materiality that is functional but expressive;

  • How informal play can bring an enjoyable layer of activation;

  • Urban furniture to create places to spend time and provide additional amenity.

The resulting design looks to establish a smooth and flowing ground plane without traditional kerbing. All kerbing is flush and is reconsidered as expressive and graphic forms in the landscape. Rain Gardens and vegetated swales set low to receive stormwater become the key features. As organic forms they stamp through the hard scape pavements leaving residual pathways and road surfaces rather than being defined by them. A softer and nurturing space results.

Flush concrete beams and coloured banding form a repetitive graphic across both road and footpaths to unite the entire streetscape into one composition. Key crossing points are distinguished by portions of permeable paving and support wayfinding and a sense of threshold at pedestrian crossing points.
The black asphalt becomes an opportunity for an additional layer of playfulness with graphic elements and children’s games applied to the surface. E.G. Hopscotch, Foursquare, Badminton court. In the swale, stepping & balance logs will form a play-trail.

Site Plan complete 2.jpg
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