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eco cabin 

The Cedars farm is situated in a valley 10km from Kangaroo Valley town and is flanked by the escarpment on both its eastern and western edges. The Barrengarry Creek runs through the site from north to south at the valley’s lowest point, creating both visual and ecological interest on the property.

Vegetation on the site varies greatly from the valley’s upper-most edges to its lowest due to radical changes in micro climate, geology and subsequent soil profile depth /condition, hydrology and wind exposure. 

Lots 31, 32 and 33 sit in the lower half of the valley and have to date been used for agricultural purposes in the form of cattle grazing sites. Subsequent clearings in the forests make for ideal ecological tourism opportunities. With land parcels immersed in the area’s natural forest environment, they have spectacular views of the escarpment outcrops and  possess infinite opportunities for sensitively considered, ecologically sensitive development and further use and management. 

190816 Structure.jpg
190816 Structure.jpg
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