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The scope of this project is the ‘place’ of Eden where the ambition for ‘place’ in this unique project was to create a contemporary wellness precinct, rich in materiality and spatial quality, memorable and desirable, as a generator for return visits and enjoyment, as a place that integrates work, retail, hospitality, recreation, and functions. Above all it is a place to be enjoyed....a place of delight.

The Eden landscape is comprised of both horizontal and vertical surfaces beyond the line of the architectural ground plane footprint. In many cases the landscape informs the architecture, being generative in its form and initiating an integrative design response. The relationship of architecture and landscape is critical to the successful reading and use of the site and together define specific places that function in particular ways and at particular times of the day/night.


Macquarie Park, NSW




Eden Gardens
Design Team

Jon Shinkfield, Ross Privitelli, Watkin McLennan

eden gardens