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Federal Award for Excellence and Innovation

National and International Projects with the CRC for Water 2017 

Award of Excellence

AILA National Landscape Architecture Awards 2022

kunshan demonstration park 

The Kunshan Demonstration Park is a 10-hectare testing ground for water treatment and management systems aimed at promoting health and well-being in a highly urbanised context.


Situated in the former agricultural area of the Yangtze River delta, the project reimagines a neglected and polluted infrastructure corridor/canal as an ecological park, engaging water and the community. The multi-staged development provides a blueprint for crucial regeneration of valuable community and locally productive lands,  showcasing a range of ecologically based water treatment technologies.


Led by REALMstudios, and developed in partnership with BKK Architecture, E2DesignLab and Monash University’s CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, the Demonstration Park is the first in a string of projects rolled out by the City of Kunshan as part of the broader Sponge City Program.


Kunshan, China






Kunshan Central Government / CRC for Water Sensitive Cities


CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, E2 Design Lab, BKK Architecture

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