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kunshan slow movement strategy

cocoroc western treatment plant 

The 'Slow Movement Network' for Kunshan endeavours to accomplish three main objectives:

1.    Provide a user friendly slow movement network
2.    Consider amenities and programs along the network which caters to the varying needs of varying user groups
3.    Consider eco-systems services as a mutually inclusive enhanceable amenity to be incorporated into implemented infrastructure

Considering rising vehicular congestion, pollution, travel times and decreasing health standards, proposing a series of slow movement routes through Kunshan would be a step in the right direction. These routes would cater to a wide variety of users needs and be comfortable, easy, safe and efficient to use. Making cycling, running and walking the most efficient and pleasant way to get around the inner city will hopefully incentive use amongst citizens and visitors and in turn decrease cumulative vehicular woes. Cycling was once upon a time the most ubiquitous way of getting around in urban areas in China and provided people with free, health-promoting, emission free transport. Rebranding the bike as a cool and trendy way to move around and as a lifestyle piece needs to be part of the strategy should biking be successfully re-implemented in Chinese societies. 

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