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liverpool collaboration industry workshop 

At REALMstudios we understand the issues of development in a flooding and sensitive environment and the issues that a developer will have with proposing a development type on a post industrial site that maximises:

  • the development opportunity

  • economic uplift and performance

  • place and new community opportunities

  • improved environmental performance and outcomes,

and that at the same time provides a streamlined approvals pathway where alignment leads to reduced timelines and superior outcomes.
Through a CRC workshop in February and subsequent discussion with the Greater Sydney Commission there is opportunity to forge a new pathway, where Liverpool City Council and State Government are aligned regarding their intent within what is known as ‘The Collaboration Precinct’, an intent to redefine Liverpool City. 

Water and its constituent parts are to be first in the planning process, in contrast to the traditional approach which starts with infrastructure and transport and ends with water as a biproduct.

Traditionally projects of this type have been infrastructure and architecturally  lead and as a result often missing the opportunity to create integrated design outcomes that contribute to an elevated development outcome. In this context REALMstudios provides an alternative view to the challenge of managing flooding and at the same time maximising development opportunity, creating great places through integrated design.

Our work is focussed on the issue of urban water (fluvial and pluvial) along the River Waterfront and the preferred spatial outcome of water management responses that then impacts both the public realm and the built form outcomes….not the other way around. We are able to draw from a deep history of work with flooding and management of water in the urban environment and respond with innovations that bring together water management and urban design responses, combining quality built form, public realm and rich biodiversity outcomes.

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