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melville street public realm upgrade

Through the Universities Urban Design Framework it was identified that developing a priority ‘University Spine’ would be a key part of linking the linear campus together within its new City home. 

Overlaid, on top of this was the opportunity to define Melville Street as an important biodiversity corridor, linking the forested slopes of kunanyi, to the grasslands of Domain Parklands.

In response, REALMstudios developed an integrated response by reducing vehicular presence and reintroducing both native ecologies and people back into the Midtown area. The public realm works also define;

  • a new campus identity and sense of place

  • passive irrigation and sustainable flood management

  • a bespoke furniture and material pallet to be rolled out across the City Campus

  • wayfinding and lighting that focus on the human scale

  • active transport connections

  • biodiverse ecologies and healthy urban forest

  • vibrant social spaces.

The project will transform this part of Hobart City Centre, making a socially and environmentally sustainable public realm which is contributing to the city’s thriving economy and defining it’s new education precinct.




UTAS Southern Campus, Hobart


University of Tasmania




In development

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