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miaojing river corridor 


We see the Kuilie Lake to Forest Park as a unique environment in Kunshan. It connects major open space and ecological zones. It also has had limited traditional vegetation maintenance and in parts is semi wild. Although most of the Miaojing River corridor is well wooded, the ground level habitat is relatively poor in other open space areas because of the high level of maintenance, while other areas are less maintained.

These areas are informative in that we see a more “wild” vegetation structure where the balance between groundcovers, shrubs, understorey trees, and canopy trees are represented in a more balanced way. This is what our design was trying to capture, the balance between conserving the existing good conditions, enhancing and adding to the existing conditions, and restoring areas that have little or no significant vegetation. Whatever the natural values of the area, we endeavored to determine areas and activities that will have long term economic benefit.

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