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moonee ponds creek naturalisation 

REALMstudios collaborated with E2 Design Lab to develop a concept design for a northern portion of Moonee Ponds Creek that will transform the area while exceeding the existing level of flood protection. Based on four principle themes, hydrology, movement and access, ecology and social recreation, the plan builds upon the ideas and dreams of the community. 

Allowing nature to inform design, the naturalisation plan for Moonee Ponds Creek integrates the demands of urban water infrastructure with public open space and ecosystems. Reinvented as a creek filled with life, both in the channel and along its banks, the plan will improve habitats for native flora and fauna, integration of surrounding open space and recreational facilities, strategic  paths, and a host of other amenities for residents and visitors.

The design report will be used to engage with stakeholders and the community for input and endorsement. Ultimately it will inform a well-founded business case to achieve funding for future implementation.

190719_Concept Diagram-03.jpg




Moonee Ponds Creek, Victoria


Melbourne Water, Moonee Valley City Council, Moreland City Council





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