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moore point open space and public realm stategy 


For Moore Point REALMstudios has developed an integrated blue green (IBG) strategy for the Open Space and public realm that is founded on the conditions of site and its context – in particular the relationship between the new public realm, the Georges River, and the established centre of the City of Liverpool. The proposal for an integrated public realm that manages water to create a positive place outcome is the main aim of the strategy. This includes the consideration of all space between buildings in a holistic manner, creating a full site blue-green framework and management strategy. This aim is to help the development become a comfortable, easily traversable, climateresilient biodiverse and beautiful place.

Due to its proximity to the River, along with the site’s flat and post industrial character, the site is vulnerable to inundation in specific areas. There is opportunity in the new plan for this inundation to be choreographed and expressed as a positive contribution and as part of a riparian and River based condition. Comprehensively this will enhance the site’s future resilience, urban and ecological value, liveability, and future community identity.

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