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mount eliza 

REALMstudios collaborated closely with BKK architects in an attempt to produce a seamless landscape and architecture outcome which endeavours to seamlessly merge both as an inclusive entity.


The landscape and architecture look to the Burley Griffins and their formative design contributions to Australian city-making as well as Mount Eliza’s Ranelagh Estate (adjacent to our site) which were designed to consider site specificity, fuse landscape and architecture, celebrate endemic flora and encourage social connectivity amongst community members through the introduction of strategically placed outdoor green spaces.


This design brings heritage, ecology and pragmatism together in a development which caters to a variety of housing typologies. Houses are designed to be flexible and allow occupants to use space in numerous permutations. All houses spill out onto the heart of the development, a communal green area, in which people can come together, socialize and enjoy a high-quality semi-public space, different to the character of their respective private courtyard gardens.


The houses reference the Mornington Peninsula’s coastal character in their use of natural materials and muted tones which sit comfortably and appropriately within a landscape which introduces the many facets of coastal ecology to site. The landscape references the coastal cliff-face ecology typical to the Mornington peninsula by introducing endemic species and creating habitat for local fauna, using topography typical to the area at a micro scale and establishing an overall appropriate, nuanced and considered character on site in-keeping with the development’s unique surrounds.

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