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REALMstudios welcomes two new members to the team

We are very excited to welcome two new members to our incredible team.

Cate Wallace will join our growing Sydney studio as principal. Cate is passionate about delivering equitable and sustainable public spaces that not only respond to their environmental and social context but allow for long-term community enjoyment and delight. Cate is committed to the deep practice of understanding place and respecting Country as a means of contributing to the social, cultural and environmental performance of communities and the built environment. Cate’s collaborative capability and construction knowledge allows her to pursue effective and award-winning built outcomes. Her previous experience in open space planning and policy at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment has given her an acute understanding of government process and the importance of how good planning and policy can create liveable and resilient urban environments. Throughout her career, Cate has enjoyed tutoring as a sessional academic at the University of New South Wales. She is also an active member of AILA and is currently serving on the NSW Executive Chapter.

Angus Ianni joins us as senior landscape architect in our Melbourne studio. Angus is a highly accomplished and dedicated landscape architect, who aims to develop designs that not only meet the needs of the community but also address environmental sustainability and the challenges posed by population growth, climate change, and social patterns. He has a keen eye for creating artful landscapes that not only provide functional spaces but also ecological value, enhancing the overall experience of the users whether human or non-human.


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