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Reimagining Your Creek receives National Landscape Architecture Award for Infrastructure

Reimagining Your Creek won its second award for the year, this time at the AILA National 2021 Landscape Architecture Awards in the Infrastructure Category.

Watch the award announcement below:

Award Citation: This body of interrelated work, carried out across an interconnected landscape, creates channelized waterways for viability and sustainability in creek naturalization – socially, economically and environmentally. Simple and bold, the project integrates the landscape exceptionally well within the local context. It is an exemplar in its provision of an appropriate level of intervention and design for surrounding communities and how they interact with the completed waterways.

The work displays an understanding of how to develop sustainable watercourses that allow nature’s intrinsic qualities to return, while co-existing with people. The projects also demonstrate how to provide a successful landscape outcome that is integrated with engineering infrastructure with multifunctional value. This, in turn, enables beautiful structures and associated landscape solutions for water management. Using water as a catalyst, human and natural ecologies are optimized.


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