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queens walk social housing

REALMstudios is working with Housing Choices Australia and Cumulus Architects to design and deliver the external public realm and landscape components of the Queens Walk social housing . The project will increase the number of safe, quality affordable housing on the site and provide a range of accessible and inviting outdoor spaces that connect the site to its unique physical location and vibrant community.

Queens Walk is managed by Housing Choices Australia. The community that currently resides on the precinct is diverse . There is a large portion of tenants from non-English speaking backgrounds, elderly, or with specific needs that require a considered approach to the landscaping. 

The REALMstudios team led the community engagement for the project. This process made sure that the needs of the community were considered throughout the design and siting of the many different areas of the site. 




Hobart, TAS


Housing Choices Australia




Cumulus, AldanMark

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