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Future Education Award

World Architecture Festival 2023

resource recovery centre

Inspired by nature, its processes, and the reciprocal stewardship practiced by the Yuin people on Country, the approach for the Resource Recovery Centre is one equally based on incremental operations, material evolution and an ongoing legacy of care and consideration for the site, the Centre and all who come there.  Central to this approach are a series of strategies, both design and operational, for listening and learning, healing and restitution, re-use and reformation and flexibility 
and adaptation. 

This incremental and evolutionary approach informs not only the potential built outcomes for the Centre, but shapes the processes by which the Centre is conceived, designed and realised.  On a site in which much has been removed, in the deep past and more immediate present, and upon which much more will take place, now and into the future, we understand the importance of introducing time into the process:  time to understand the site and its ecologies, natural, human and material; time to engage with Council and community in shaping the approach, and the project; time to allow processes of repair, remaking and rebuilding to occur, driven by both human and natural constituents. 

Stage 2 - Repaired Landscape-01.png




West Nowra, NSW


Shoalhaven City Council




In development


REALMstudios, TERRIOR, atelier ten, Second Edition



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