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rosemeadow demonstration project 

Understanding that climate change can be impacted by planting trees, REALMstudios worked with the NSW Government to deliver the first ‘5 Million Trees’ demonstration project. The project aims to see 5 Million Trees planted across Greater Sydney, expanding urban tree canopy cover from 16.8% to 40% by 2030. Rosemeadow was identified as a priority project due to its urban complexities including;

  • An existing low canopy cover of 5.63%

  • A community under extreme heat vulnerability

  • Urban stormwater requirements and opportunity for integrated tree planting

  • Relationship between open space and adjoining local education facilities

  • A complex socio-economic environment.

A positive challenge for the project was the necessary multi-stakeholder participation required to successfully deliver tree planting in streets, open space and on private property. By engaging across State Government Departments, Campbelltown City Council, local residents and schools, REALMstudios in collaboration with Cred Consulting actively involved the local community in the design of streets, open spaces and the planting of trees. E2DesignLab joined REALMstudios to explore integrated stormwater management and its role in supporting passive irrigation and a healthy urban tree canopy, along with research partners, Macquarie and Western Sydney University. As a result Rosemeadow  demonstrates best practice in climate extreme amelioration ie how urban tree canopy can provide wider co-benefit to place and water management.

191108_Copperfield Drive - Overview Plan




NSW, Australia




NSW Government

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