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rye town centre 

The Rye project contemplates a new and comfortable coastal place that prioritises pedestrians and cyclists year round in a safe and carefully scaled environment. Its reduced road areas, increased pedestrian pavements, trees for wind amelioration and sun protection, off road cycle paths, community foreshore spaces for markets, moonlight cinema, events and play encourage year round intergenerational activity and use. New amenities are proposed comprising contemporary coastal architecture with toilet and picnic as well as cafe/bike facilities, encouraging and extending new uses and users into the foreshore zone and to link with the new cycle amenity.


The regeneration of dunes anchors the beach and stabilizes sand and beach movement, celebrating the much loved and used Rye Pier as the clear point of connection from Port Phillip Bay back to the town centre. Pavilions on the pier walk provide shelter and resting points overlooking the grass commons whilst at the same time generate power for lighting the walk at night through their energy capture/photovoltaic array roofs.

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