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Landscape Architecture Award for Health and Education Landscape

AILA WA Landscape Architecture Awards 2021

swancare leisure precinct 

Bentley Park is a SwanCare community that is home to more than 1,000 residents. It offers a range of retirement living and aged care accommodation. Extensive redevelopment was undertaken in establishment of a new, landmark and high amenity Leisure Precinct. Working in conjunction with Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects, REALMstudios prepared a design that provided a clear vision to deliver exceptional landscape based amenity, and to compliment the iconic architectural built form by IPH. The project also resolved complex interfaces between the new Leisure Precinct project and pre-existing features requiring retention and functionality during the build.

The built outcome has delivered:

  • A sense of grandeur and quality imbuing a strong pride in residents;

  • A series of amazing experiences for residents and visitors to come together and strengthen healthy bonds;

  • An impressive collection of intergenerational and inclusive community facilities held within a leafy and attractive setting;


In practical terms the project addressed:

  • Inclusive accessibility & emergency access into the core of the development;

  • Legible wayfinding & movement hierarchy that built upon the existing campus network;

  • Places & furniture to support; health, rest, play, socialisation and solitude;

  • Improved safety and visibility in a campus that is not gated;

  • Retention of existing features, including; trees, central lawn bowls lawn and existing houses & gardens;


The design included the following landscape features and elements:

  • A series of new entry landscapes;

  • New emergency access pedestrian avenue;

  • Upgrade to the existing lawn bowls lawn and facilities;

  • Delivery of various seating and social spaces;

  • Bocce court;

  • Mini-Golf course;

  • Tactile and sensory garden;

  • Nature- based Playground;

  • A number of car parking facilities.

20-Swancare-Ed Janes.jpg

The leisure precinct is a new high-quality leisure environment carefully inserted into the existing Swancare campus. The new facilities are connected by a series of carefully considered amenity areas and the design team sought to strengthen the physical connections with experiential connections to landscape, place and history. The designers have sought to encourage physical and social activity, taking into consideration some of the limitations that may be inherent in the residences. This is reflected in the generous provision of handrails, shallower grade ramps, good outdoor lighting and abundant seating opportunities to facilitate both quiet reflection and social interaction. The design successfully creates a new leisure and social heart for the campus that meets the needs of the residents and creates a rich and engaging landscape for family socialising.  -  Award Citation




Whadjuk Noongar


Bentley, Perth, WA




2017 - 19




Iredale Pederson Hook Architects


Ed Janes

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