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utas inveresk urban realm 

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As part of the implementation of the Inveresk Urban Design Framework developed by JWA Architects,  REALMstudios have developed a series of Urban Realm principles, strategies and concepts for the sustainable and resilient redevelopment of the precinct. 

Through site research and analysis, and engagement with students, staff, the City of Launceston, technical working groups and local Aboriginal groups a detailed understanding of site was developed. This informed a regenerative landscape narrative that reconnects people to place, to site histories, its past and present nature and ecological systems, guided by local community and Aboriginal knowledge; Country and is understood in the following layers:

  • Connections to Country - Reveal the Indigenous History of the Site and provide spaces for the expression of cultural knowledge and practices of Country.

  • Industrial Change - Create a landscape that reconciles and embraces its industrial past.

  • Geological Foundations - Express the pre-colonial riverine swamps through a landscape of micro-topographies and restore soils back to their rich fertile condition.

  • Hydrological Patterns - Reintegrate water as a crucial part of the precinct’s history and future resilience. 

  • Ecological Diversity - A rich ecological past is re-established through native plantings that support local biodiversity of pastures, woods and swamps.  

  • Learning + Engagement - Actively engage the community and students in the ongoing evolution of the precinct and provide an array of learning and cultural experiences. University Square

  • Sustainable Productivity - Provide sustainable food and waste management systems for students and the community.  

  • Connectivity + Porosity - Provide an engaging and safe environment that encourages day to day community occupation and supports a calendar of events, ceremonies, and moments. 

Construction of Stages: Welcoming Space, Green Spine, Community Garden and Esk Activity Space was completed in 2022.


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UTAS Inveresk Campus, Launceston, TAS


University of Tasmania





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