The  Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Victoria commissioned REALMstudios to review and revise the previous Siting and Design Guidelines and to provide a refreshed approach which responds to the current context and challenges.  The new Siting and Design Guidelines for Structures on the Victorian Coast provide a set of fundamental considerations to guide siting and design and to provide best practice for the future use and development of structures and facilities on Coastal Crown Land.    They were developed through a rigorous stakeholder engagement process over the course of a year, working closely with both State Government and Local Councils.   A series of workshops gave stakeholders the opportunity to engage in the process as well as contribute valuable local knowledge  and experience. The document underwent several iterations in order to capture the aspirations of all involved. 

The guidelines combine illustrative graphics, diagrams, photography and text to create a clear, concise and visually inspiring design and assessment tool to assist in achieving quality outcomes that respect, protect and enhance the coastline’s diverse and sensitive natural and cultural values. The intention of the guidelines is to direct attention toward critical coastal processes, materiality and place, and in turn increase awareness of the broader landscape setting as an environmental and cultural resource for all Australians.  They aim to improve design standards and to promote excellence for the whole of the coastline.  

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Victoria, Australia






Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning, Victoria 

Design Team

Jon Shinkfield and Tamara Obradovic

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