REALMstudios, in collaboration with Gresley Abas and Gregory Burgess Architects, worked across a deeply consultative program to develop the design for Wunggurrwil Dhurrung in Wyndham, an Aboriginal Community and Integrated Family Centre.  Through a process of engagement and design, involving community and traditional owners, the project brought together; the site’s deeper connections to Country, its stories and its meaning, to form an outcome immediately identifiable to its intended community, successfully avoiding a tokenistic or emblematic design response.

Further, to connect site to Country, Realm worked closely with acclaimed plantsman Paul Thompson and water specialist Dr Peter Breen to form a scientific nexus between planting, water and place, where passive water management gives rise to a range of landscape types and seasonal plantings. Intermittent streams and their associated landscapes are designed as playful landscape elements supported by passive watering systems of capture and release from tanked roofscape water, where water is released over longer periods to mimic more gentle and  extended rainfall patterns as part of negotiating a broader changing climate phenomena.


Sustainable Architecture, Victorian Architecture Awards 2020


Wyndham, Victoria


2016 - Ongoing


Under construction


Wyndham City Council

Gresley Abhas Architects, 
Gregory Burgess Architects, 
Paul Thompson (Planting),
Dr Peter Breen (E2DesignLab), 
Vicki Couzens (Indigenous artist)

Design Team

Jon Shinkfield, Greg Teague, Tom Inwood, Brett Schreurs

©                        2019

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