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zcz road 

The concept for the Zu Chongzhi streetscape builds on the discoveries of Zu Chongzhi.

The circle becomes a fundamental expression in the design signifying the importance of Pi in circle area calculations. Circles are used in the design as places for sculpture,  people and play, using Pi as a ratio for the increasing or decreasing size of the circle and its function.

Connecting paths are equally guided by the Pi coefficient whereby widths of paths and plazas are determined by a multiplication of that ratio.
Importantly, water (the water clock) and the circle (Pi) are used in a supergraphic form as the entry gateway feature to the road and the precinct where a new water cleansing opportunity is combined with a legible form of the circle and another Zu Chongzhi invention, the water hammer, expressed as a major dynamic sculptural element.

Additionally, at the intersection of the River Park and Zu Chongzhi Rd, there is opportunity for a museum as a civic focal point, a very contemporary science/futuristic building that houses the thinking and invention of ZuChongzhi, with a n outward expression of a major civic artpiece - a cascading waterclock.

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