Geraldton Botanic Gardens; Bringing Community and Tourists Together to Celebrate the Regions Flora.

Through an ambitious and community-driven process REALMstudios, in partnership with Vigilante Landscape Architecture, has developed a visionary plan for the Friends of Greater Geraldton (FroGGs) community group and their concept for a Geraldton based Botanic Garden celebrating the regions botanical heritage.


The combined botanic and community garden model is envisaged as a place for engaging with the wonders of Western Australia’s Mid-West region and as a tourism gateway for the nationally recognised wildflower trail. An educational agenda is also central to the project.


The spatial qualities of the garden build from 4 key organisational elements distilled from landscapes of the region and applied to Maitland Park, being: salt pans, drainage patterns, cadastral boundaries/road lines, and geological uplift. The master plan develops a staging and costing rationale to guide the development and evolution of the gardens in the coming years.Concept Diagramsx4_FOR WEBWelcome to REALMstudios  -  View Projects


Important to the success of this project is community engagement, participation and support. FroGGs continue their broad-based discussions, input and feedback with a variety of stakeholders and are now in consultation with the City of Greater Geraldton to make this a reality.

The project is a magnificent opportunity for Geraldton in terms of community and economic development, education and urban activation.

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