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award for excellence and innovation

REALMstudios was recently presented with an Award for Excellence and Innovation in Canberra by the Minister for Science and Innovation for their work with the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. In addition to its various strategic inputs across Australian Capital Cities REALMstudios’ work in Kunshan in China is recognised as a significant contributor to Kunshan’s liveability.

Partnering with; Monash University’s CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, BKK Architecture and E2DesignLab, REALMstudioshave master planned a 10 Ha Innovation Park that will demonstrate how the various components of a water sensitive city combine to provide clean water, new urban ecologies and urban agriculture in a contemporary city framework. The project provides a blueprint for the City of Kunshan that can be rolled out more broadly to help and deal with the issues of health, well being and liveability as part of China’s broader Sponge City Program. The structuring of the site acts as a gradient across a series of ecotones at one level, from urban agriculture to clean water systems, and then from current technologies to future city at another. level. The project is to be design developed by the local LDI as a capacity building exercise with construction completed in early 2018.


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