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Beginnings of a design research studio in Brisbane

Dr Dan Nyandega formally launched the 3rd mid semester lecture at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) last Thursday where REALMstudios Director Jon Shinkfield presented his lecture ‘Dancing with the deluge – from control to coexistence on the water’s edge’.

Implicitly, we are all on Country.

Of necessity Jon’s presentation starts with a personal apology to the Aboriginal people and invites his audience to listen more, to hear more, and to respond more deeply.

To further this partnership with QUT, REALMstudios has launched a collaborative design research studio in Brisbane led by Dr Dan Nyandega, to explore and synthesise research and practice - working to create regenerative solutions, systems and places for the future.

Dan Nyandega works at the intersection of Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Urbanism, with a passion and specialisation in Water Sensitive Design for cities, buildings, infrastructure, landscape, and the public realm.

Dan is also a lecturer in Landscape Architecture at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), where he leads technology stream, design studios and design-led research focusing on water sensitive design: ways of adjusting lowlands (buildings, landscapes, infrastructures).

Follow the link to catch Jon's lecture and some of the work REALMstudios have been undertaking.


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