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elara park is open!

Engaged by Stockland REALMstudios has delivered a neighborhood park as part of their inclusive new community housing development ELARA in Marsden Park in Sydney.

The Park had its much awaited opening this month where families and kids were eager to get out and enjoy the first of a series of open spaces planned for the community.

Responding to its broader physical environment the design introduces topography in the form of a series of large turf and planted mounds to echo and capitalize on the distant views of the Blue Mountains.  Whilst providing a shaded and comfortable vantage point to view the parks activities they also define clear entry points into the park and frame the large open lawn area anchored by a custom designed shelter.

This area is a focal point for community gathering and caters for large groups in direct response to the needs of a growing local multi-cultural demographic. The shelter offers welcome respite and comfort from the harsh local conditions with sculptural seating stepping down to the lawn area.

A nature play zone provides a space for children to explore, test their physical abilites and connect with the natural environment.

A number of fixed play elements including an 8m high tower and slide provide for a range of ages and abilities with ample opportunity to enjoy the park in their own way.

A grove of Casuarinas in the lower northwest corner speak to the natural drainage of the site, signifying stormwater is capture and use before being discharged from the site.


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