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Logan Ave featured in Landscape Australia Magazine

A project close to our hearts.

The regenerative garden at Logan Ave has been featured in this month’s issue of Landscape Australia Magazine, in an interview with REALMstudios co-founder Jon Shinkfield.

A small excerpt from the interview:

“There was little, if any, intervention in the placement or distribution of plant growth on the site. Instead, the curation was about capturing opportunities within the landscape. For instance, sinews of exposed ground, where plants didn’t grow, came to form a finely laced web of trails across the site. These sinews were covered with crushed stone to serve as single file paths between the house, garden and structures, such as the chook-pen and as germination pathways for further seeding. The aim was to minimize the impact on the soil."

The fundamental premise of the Logan Ave garden was to co-author a living landscape, allowing Country its natural agency, aiming to recover endemic conditions and native constituents. This co-authoring has been shaped by time, evolving over six years.

We’re excited to watch the evolution of this space.

And thanks to Landscape Australia for featuring us in this issue.


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