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raine square

REALMstudios is engaged by Charter Hall to design the external public realm and landscape components for the newly configured Raine Square, located in the Perth CBD.

The conceptual basis is rooted in the history of the site. Martha Raine – former owner of the Wentworth Hotel lost her husband to arteriosclerosis. She donated most of her funds to commence the still running Raine Medical Foundation. The team provided options but the preferred approach focused on a narrative and allegorical approach depicting the love between both Mary & Joe.

Two elegant and meandering ribbons or story-lines represents Mary and Joe’ lives. The journey is a celebration and allegory of their relationship. This generates a flow and wayfinding device into the laneway and shopping centre. The lines give form to a variety of spatial elements including seating and planting structures. Other urban elements and structures work to create amenity and dynamism in the space.

An existing plaza fronting Murray Street will be renewed together with a new laneway ‘Raine Lane’, created between the Wentworth Hotel and Raine Square Shopping Centre and future cinema complex. The new lane will activate the Plaza by providing a fully accessible public access link between Murray and William Streets.


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