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REALMstudios directors advocate for better design through state and local government advisory roles

Founding Directors Damien Pericles and Jon Shinkfield continue to advocate for better integrated design in liveability and city making solutions through their involvement in a number of advisory panels and engagements.

Damien has an ongoing position on the Town of Vincent Design Advisory Committee (DAC) and has recently been engaged by the Department of Planning (DoP) as a ‘Theme Leader’ as part of their ‘Planning Reform for Better Design’ project.

Jon continues in his role on the Mornington Design Advisory Panel (DAP) and on the Office of the Victorian Government Architect’s Victorian Design Review Panel (VDRP) and more recently on the Gateway Review Panel for Infrastructure NSW.

‘We see our role as central to the making of better cities and liveable places: legible, socially strong and engaging places.’


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