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Siting and Design Guidelines receives Award of Excellence for Landscape Planning

We are delighted to have received an Excellence Award at the 2020 National Landscape Architecture Awards in the Landscape Planning Category for 'Siting and Design Guidelines for Structures on the Victorian Coast'; this follows an Excellence Award in the same category at the State Awards earlier in the year and now celebrates this project at a national level.

The Guidelines propose a clear set of guidelines that consider siting and design challenges in response to pressures posed by population growth and climate change.  It outlines effective practices to protect the character and quality of the coastline while managing land and infrastructure, maintaining public access and enhancing visitor experience. Most importantly its approach is a hierarchical set of fundamental considerations derived from policy objectives, best practice design principles and an understanding of evolving conditions and concerns.

Thank you to our client the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning for working through this with us on what is an important planning document and thank you to our collaborator Red Pony Creative for a wonderful graphic outcome

You can read the final document here:

Vic Coast Siting Design Guidelines
Download PDF • 5.05MB


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